Terms & Conditions

A full health consultation will need to be carried out if this is your first visit, which will take between 10-20 minutes. Subsequent visits, require a brief check to confirm no changes to health.  Please note that all records are kept strictly confidential and locked away in safe place. Under no circumstances will any personal information be disclosed to any other person/s (unless in extremely rare cases where I may have reason to believe that you may wish to harm yourself or others). If there are any medical health conditions present, you may need to contact your GP to gain their approval before massage treatment can take place. However massage treatment is generally considered to be very safe, and depending on your ailment or health condition, you can, if you wish, go ahead with the massage as long as you are happy to do so. I will therefore need you to read and sign a disclaimer form.

Note: Massage therapy is not intended to replace conventional medicine. If you have any health conditions that have not already been assessed, I strongly recommend that you seek your Doctor’s advice.

Please let me know at the time of booking if you have any serious health conditions which could mean that massage is not recommended. If you are unwell with a cold or some other contagious condition, I will be unable to treat you with a massage, but I can make recommendations to help you recover and ease congestion!

Cancellations/Non-attendance Policy

Unanticipated events happen and it is perfectly understandable if you are unable to keep your appointment. However, I ask for advance notice of 24 hours to allow for the opportunity to reschedule the appointment for someone else.

If you need to cancel within a 24 hour period there is a charge of 50% of the appointment and failure to attend without letting me know will incur a charge for the full amount.  

I am privileged to earn my living doing what I love!   

When you make an appointment you accept these conditions. 

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